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Tips for designing an effectivescribble campaign

1Keep it simple.

Avoid using big bodies of text. Convey your message or call to action with as few words as possible to increase the chances of your piece being truly read. We recommend using no more than 80 handwritten words or 150 printed words for your mail piece.
  • + 20pt or larger font size
  • + Less than 80 handwritten words
  • + Use a clear and concise call to action.
too much text example
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2Make it personal.

Personalization is key to making your mail piece stand out. Use the recipient's name and other personal details to make your message feel more intimate and relevant to the recipient. Achieve this by using dynamic variables in the designer studio.
  • + Use the recipient's name
  • + Use {{dynamic}} variables
  • + Be personalable, sign off with a name or signature

3Use a strong call to action.

Your call to action is the most important part of your mail piece. Make sure it is clear and concise and that it stands out from the rest of the piece. Use a strong verb to encourage the recipient to take action.
  • + Use a strong verb
  • + Make it stand out
  • + Keep it clear and concise
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