Turning mail into a tool for personal connection

Robot Arm, Real Writing
Our Autopen Machines perfectly mimic a human hand.
Autopen Machine
Pen Writing
Real Ink
Real Pens
Handwritten text lines with different fonts
Pen Writing
A production house built to scale your business.
Pen Writing
Machine writing top down view

A Font Technology built to drive response

Allowing you to choose the font that best fits your brand, message, and audience.

Variations for each letter
ruler lines
Dynamic Letter Spacing
Every Font.
Every Letter.
All Handcrafted.
  • Randomized Letter Spacing
  • 8+ Variations per letter
  • Dynamic Connecting Points
  • Height and Width Variations
opened card with handwriting inside
Add it to your package in the Designer Studio
designer studio postcard frontdesigner studio navbartext options panel

Up to a 4.8% response rate

Using both PPF and Autopen, we have seen a response rate of up to 4.8% on our mail pieces. This is a huge increase from the 1.5% industry standard.
All the outer envelopes that we mail utilize our PFTLeads Font Technology. This gives every mail piece a much higher response rate compared to more traditional methods.

Autopen (most popular)

Autopen is our most popular option. It is a cost effective method for producing a large volume of truly handwritten mail pieces. Autopen writes your message with a real pen on real paper. No smoke and mirrors. Select Autopen Handwriting in your package options to utilize this method.
  • Up to a 4.8% response rate
  • Real Look, Real Feel
  • Real Pens on Paper
  • Up to 8 variations per letter in any given package
  • Utilizes our proprietary Font Technology
As you can see with this example, The presence of a real pen adds a level of believability that cannot be matched with other methods.


PPF utilizes our proprietary font technology to give your mail piece the same look as a package with Autopen. PPF packages are not written with real pens, they are instead printed with our high quality inkjet printers. This is a great option for those who want to save money on their mail piece while retaining that handwritten look.
  • Up to a 3.2% response rate
  • Real Look
  • Printed with High Quality Inkjet
  • Up to 8 variations per letter in any given package
  • Utilizes our proprietary Font Technology
As you can see in this example, PPF still has a very realistic look that is hard to distinguish from a real pen. The difference can only be seen from a very close distance.